Bullets in Futsal World Cup - Spain December 2017

Bullets competed really well in Spain, competing well with Barcelona (team picture shown) and achieving some great victories against Japanese and Spanish oppostion. Eventually finishing runners up in the silver competition, this was a superb experience for all the players involved and inspires continued dedication to keep working hard in order to play at a high level.  Thanks for all the live support on Facebook! More info and USA futsal interview below...
Blaby Bullets are delighted to announce that a representative squad will be playing in the 2017 Youth World Futsal Cup in Blanes, Spain (near Barcelona). This is a great opportunity for more recognition of the 'Bullets' name in youth futsal. This is the first taste of international tournaments for the club and will help to form a good idea of how national and international competition opportunities could be rolled out to more players across the club.
Here's the interview that has been published by World Futsal Cup organisers, USA Futsal:
With ‘license to skill’, Blaby Bullets breaks English stereotype

Blaby Bullets, located in the Leicester area, wants to show in the World Futsal Cup VI that one futsal club could put together different styles of the game. “We aim to break free of traditional English stereotypes. Admiring Spanish structure and tactics, combined with Brazilian freedom, flair and creativity we aim to develop creative, technical and intelligent players,” said coach Ian Bannister.

One special phrase is highlighted always by Bannister and shows the principles of the club and the freedom that his athletes have when they have the ball in their feet’s: license to skill. The club was founded in 2011 but had just soccer in the beginning. Futsal was added in 2013 as a crucial part of the player development pathway. Now the sport is very popular in the Leicester area, with 88 teams competing in all competitions from age Under10 to Under14 in the 2016/2017 season.

 “The reason for the foundation of the club was promoting a love of the ball from a young age (individually and as a team) whilst encouraging creativity, decision making and a ‘license to skill’ has allowed all players the chance to maximize their development through regular soccer and futsal training and competition,” said Bannister.

One big challenge ahead
Blaby Bullets won some tournaments in their home country including a championship at St. George’s Park, the home of the England national soccer team, this August. Showing their potential in a huge place was proof of their talent and their power in the country. The next challenge is very big: World Futsal Cup VI, tournament that will be played in Blanes, Spain, this December, and have great teams from different countries. This will be the first international experience for the majority of the squad and they are very excited to travel and have unforgettable matches.
 “World Futsal Cup VI is a fantastic opportunity for the Bullets squad to test ourselves against some of the best teams in the world,” said Bannister. “Furthermore, we intend to enjoy the whole experience, culture and the simple things like staying away together as a team. Some of our players have never even been abroad before.” In preparation, the Bullets have come together for futsal sessions, training games and team building days, including swimming, tennis and relaxing at a local leisure club. The plan is to compete well with freedom to impress the fans using intelligent, creative and skillful play against some of the best teams in the world.

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